Thursday, October 4, 2012

2016 Update: Welcome to Soaring Eagle Traveler and my world travel experiences. Also see me on Trip Advisor!


I have been contributing to this blog for several years now, and have provided a lot of information to my readers around the world.  I thank the almost 90,000 readers as of 2016, and hope to reach more than 100,000 readers by the end of the year.

I am also very active in TripAdvisor as Dale C.  As of August 2016, I have contributed about 120 reviews and posted almost 750 photos from my world travels, have over 50,000 readers and I have a lot more to contribute to both my blog and Trip Advisor.

In 2015, I visited Taiwan, Cancun, Dubai and quite a few other cool locations around the world and the USA.  Dubai and the United Arab Emirates was special for me because it was number one destination on my BUCKET LIST!

In 2016 I have also been busy traveling on business and pleasure including a trip to Boston to see my 3 year old gran daughter.  I am also planning another trip to Taiwan very soon....

.... So stay tuned to the adventures of this soaring eagle traveler as my travels and experiences unfold in this blog, and on Trip Advisor........................

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