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Factory Tour – Yumeeiren (YMR Maternity Garment Co. Ltd.) - Maternity Clothes

This is the 5th of eight Factory tour blogs of the New Taipei City area.  We were escorted on a bus by K. G. L. AD. Media Agency International Company’s associates, Director, Kelin Chen, and Account Executive, Ann Li, to Yumeeiren, Maternity Clothes Factory Tour.

I must say, that this was a very interesting tour for me, but I am not a good judge of what pregnant women want in their maternity clothes.  Yes, I am a father of two daughters, and I do understand that a pregnant woman is simply beautiful in so many ways, and the clothes are not important to their partners.  Men want their wives to enjoy their pregnancy, and to feel comfortable in their changing yet sexy bodies.   

So, when the Hung brothers explained to me the passion they have for their family business, it seems to me they truly know this industry segment.

The Hung Brothers on our Tour

According to their website, Yumeeiren was founded in 1956 by Hung Ming Chang. 

Founder Hung Ming Chang and her Husband

From the founding to this day, this is a family run business, and Hung family is very proud of their business and their heritage.  there are many photos on the walls of their tour.

Later, the Hung brothers inherited the maternity wear business from their mother.  Sewing clothes has been part of their family for generations and their grandmother loved to sew clothes for her family.  

One of the early sewing machines used by the Hung Family Business

Today, they market their maternity clothes and products under the “YMR” brand name, and they continue to invest in new designs, fabrics, and products to meet the needs of their customers.  After almost 50 years in the retail and wholesale clothing business, YMR is still a successful family run business.   In the global fashion industry, most clothing manufacturers have moved their production to third world countries where labor is so very cheap.  But YMR remains loyal to the Taiwan garment industry and constantly looks for ways to grow their business. 

Visit their YMR website at:  http://www.ymr.com.tw

Recently, when the Fashion Institute of Taipei (FIT) was looking for a partner in the Taipei area, they approached YMR to co-design a new winter season product line.  

We visited their factory which has been converted into a tourism factory for the public.  The tour started in the lobby area where we heard the story of their company.  On display in the lobby was several garments on display that have embedded “LED” lights.  While I did not get a good technical explanation, it appears they use a special thread that is either metallic, or simply a compound that is conductive.  

Maternity Dress with "LED" lights on her "belly"

We then moved on the tour to an area where a large machine unrolls huge rolls of fabric to designated lengths, and then machines cut the piles of material into the patterns for sewing.  We saw several areas where their employees work hard at their sewing machines putting their sewing talents in every item they sew.   

Along the tour, we saw many racks of maternity clothes, and they offer changing rooms for customers to try on their maternity clothes.


To get the husbands involved, they have several racks of colorful maternity clothes in every possible size that are “stuffed” to make someone look pregnant.  The men on our tour reluctantly tried on the clothes and both the men and women had a great laugh about a “pregnant looking” man!  The women in our tour group could barely stop laughing!

Mr. Hung explaining what the men are about to do ........... !

One of the guys on tour "modeling" the 'stuffed" maternity dress!

The final two stops in the tour are a shop where customers can buy some of Yumeeiren’s products, and the “DIY” room.   

The DIY Room with DIY projects displayed

Our DIY project on this tour was to use a “mini” sewing machine and glue to make a decorated place mat out of scraps of colorful cloth scraps. 

Our DIY Project and the "mini" sewing machine

 I took the easy way out since I do not know how to sew at all.  Even this super simple “mini” sewing machine was too complicated for me to sew a straight stitch.   So, I cut out a design, used a fabric glue to glue the pieces of fabric onto the white fabric place mat, and then one of the sweet Yumeeiren ladies quickly sewed it for me.  

If you,  a member of your family or a friend is planning a new family in the future, or you and your spouse are already expecting a child in the near term, this is a great place to visit and explore options of maternity clothing, Made in Taiwan, with lots of love, and decades of experience.

You can visit or contact YUmeeiren at the following address:

YMR Maternity Garment Co. Ltd.

5F., No.10, Ln. 16, Sec. 2, Sichuan Rd., Banqiao Dist.,

New Taipei City 220, Taiwan

Phone:  02-8966-9762

Fax: 02-8966-6283

Website:  http://www.ymr.com.tw

Business Hour:  Mon-Fri 10:00am to 6:00pm

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