Saturday, July 9, 2016

Kanpai Classic Restaurant, Taipei,Taiwan, Wagyu Beef, Japanese Style BBQ, Yakiniku

Ok, If you read my other blog, the Kanpai ATT Restaurant is a fun place to drink with eat great beef and food.

But, there is an even better Kanpai Restaurant known as Kanpai Classic also on Songshou Road at the following address:  F8, No.9 Songshou Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei 110, Taiwan.

 From the minute you walk in, you can tell this is a first class restaurant and that you will have a wonderful dining experience.  

The layout is designed for some privacy in elegant booths.  The service is excellent from assistance with the menu to the end of your meal.


This is a fine food restaurant with some of the very best beef you can buy in Taipei.  They specialize in Australian wagyu beef yakiniku BBQ style. The menu offers different wagyu beef cuts for your selection and the menu shows the meat and location of the cut of beef from the cow.  This was a wonderful way to sample a variety of beef and find out which one really is your favorite.  

Look at some of the beef selections (and chicken too) that we ordered!

Marinated chicken (3 styles)

Of course, they have wonderful prepared dishes as well....

You can cook the beef yourself, or ask one of the servers to assist you at table side.  For the very best wagyu beef (and most expensive cut), the chef will actually come to your table and slice a piece for you table side.  Then one of the serves will BBQ this piece for you to perfection!

I do not know how to describe the taste of this beef, but it some of the very best I have ever had in my lifetime, even better than some very expensive Kobe Beef.   The beef is finely “marbleized” so that when cooked, the beef becomes so juicy and tender that the beef almost melts in your mouth but also tantalizes your pallet for more great beef. 

This is a truly wonderful eating experience if you love fine beef.  You just have to visit Kanpai classic and try it your self… won’t be disappointed…. you’ll be in heaven.  For Me, this was a 6 star dining experience.