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Emperor Spa; Huang Chi Spa; Beito District; Taipei, Taiwan; Hot Spring Resort; Radium; KGL Creative Strategies Consultants Ltd

On this trip, Kelin of KGL Creative Strategies Consultants Ltd arranged our visit to the Emperor Spa and Nina, Taiwan’s most famous travel blogger joined us.

Nestled in a deep ravine in Taipei Taiwan’s Beitou District is a famous hot spring resort known as Huang Chi Resort.  The hot springs has been used for more than 110 years, but has only been a local resort for a little more than 30 years.  In 2003, the Resort was purchased, upgraded and now attracts almost 3000 daily visitors during the peak season (cooler seasons).

Parking Lot Direction to the Spa Entrance

Parking Lot and sets leading to steam vents of the Hot Springs

Various Buildings at the Spa

From the Parking lot to the Main Entrance

The Main Entrance
Ahhh .... Everyone loves these Hot Spring Baths !!!
I met two very special gentlemen at the spa, Mr. Tony Yu, General Manager, and a retired scientist that was excited about telling me scientific information about this hot spring, Dr. Chin-Wang Huang, Professor Emeritus.  Dr. Huang is 84 years old and studied in both Taiwan and Japan where he received his PHD at Tokyo University.

Dr. Chin-Wang Huang, Professor Emeritus explaining to me the science of the Hot Springs

Dr. Huang told me that at this resort, the water underground reaches 98 degrees centigrade, most of the water above the ground is over 40 degrees Centigrade.  But, it is cooled a little to about 36 degrees centigrade for the customers comfort.  He said the ph factor of the water is about 1.2 (very acidic)and the water contains radium, much higher than most other radium hot springs in the world.  Other hot springs in the Beitou District of Taipei have a very small amount of Radium.  He also said that there is only trace amounts of sulfur in these area springs.  The hot springs at the Emperor Spa has many healing and good health qualities, and Dr, Huang pointed out that most people that use these spas on a regular basis have great young looking skin.

Besides Radium, there are also the following minerals in these waters: Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Lead, Sulfate, and others.

Those radium hot springs in Japan have concentrations of about 1.41 while here in the Emperor Spa it reaches 5 to 7.  He also went on to explain that they have found radium isotopes from Ra224 to Ra227 in the area which is somewhat radioactive, but fairly stable.

That being said, they did bring us fresh, clean hot spring water to taste.  The water looked crystal clear and was both salty and very acidic to the taste.  Please see the photo.

The samples we drank and a list of minerals in the water

The Emperor Spa has a quaint restaurant with excellent local food.  During our stay afternoon stay, we enjoyed a nice variety of food including:  Steamed spicy fish, Sashimi, Crab Rice Soup, Salad, Hot Chinese Cabbage, Cherry Duck sliced thin, sliced beef, green onion and special sauce rolled up in hand made pancakes, Szechuan Egg and sliced hot peppers, and steamed dumplings. 

First lets eat!

Spicy Steamed Fish

Delicious Cherry Duck

A Great tasting salad

Crab and rice soup

Beef and Green Onion Rolls ... Very Tasty

Szechuan Eggs and Peppers


Sweet Dumplings for Dessert

Entrance to the Restaurant





Spa Restaurant

The Price list shows that for every $400NTD (approx.. $13 USD)  you spend a at the restaurant, one person may use the public pool free once.   After our private room spa, they offered us refreshing homed made plum juice.

Portion of Spa Price List in English

At this resort there are several buildings for spa and relaxation.  One building is designed for children and recreation, there is a building for women only and men only where the patrons are naked and enjoy various pools of warm to hot springs water.  Yet another building has private rooms with a stone pool that you can fill up and adjust the temperature to your preference.  After a set time of relaxation you can shower in fresh water prior to leaving the spa rooms.

Building 2

Serene water falls and fish pools near Restaurant

Relaxation area

Beautiful Mountain Side surrounding the Spa

Spa Logo

Spa Directions

Private room

Private Room Building

In the outer parking lot, there are steps leading up to several steam vents from these hot springs, and  a rocky stream with fast flowing water as it migrates from the hills down to the valley.  The steep mountains around this resort are very rocky in places but most are covered in dense trees, foliage and vegetation.

Stream cascading down the mountain along side the Spa

For Good Health, Fine Skin, Longevity of Life, and Relaxation, I would recommend that visitors to Taipei and the Beitou District should stop and enjoy a few hours at the Emperor Spa.

For more information on the Spa, please contact Angela at the Emperor Spa.  Here is how to reach Angela:

Phone: 02-2862-3688

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