Thursday, October 4, 2012

Safe Arrival

Well we made it safely to Taiwan with a smooth flight with very little turbulence.  We flew EVA Air and have really enjoyed this airline in the past, but this flight was not up to par.  For a new 777 aircraft, the economy seats were most uncomfortable.  The food was less than sub-standard, and overall quality of service was not consistent with the many other EVA air flights I have taken. 

Upon arrival, we collected our bags and dogs and went to the Animal Quarantine office to process the paperwork for our Italian Greyhounds.  To complete the process, they need to scan the dogs for their microchip ID.  MayMay scanned quickly...and No problem....But, KoKo 's microchip could not be read or found.  They tried multiple scanners and still no luck.  We were told they would XRAY our dog, but if they cannot find the microchip, they will send the dog out of worse. Panic started to set in.

Our dogs were sent to the quarantine animal hospital in Taipei, and we had an appointment at 3PM today.  We were worried about KoKo, as we took a taxi to the hospital.  We went to the 6th floor and as soon as we entered the quarantine area, we saw KoKo and MayMay and they were so very happy to see us.  Immediately the Vet told us they found the microchip without an XRAY.  it turns out the scanner at the airport is either outdated or not functioning properly.  Now we can take care of our personal issues, our jet lag, and rest assured our puppies are in good hands for the next 3 weeks until they release them from the quarantine animal Hospital.

They are not too happy spending all this time in their cages, but once they get settled in the quarantine animal hospital, they will have a larger kennel, and plenty of play time during the day.

More Tomorrow....

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  1. Would LOVE to know how the quarantine experience was with your two dogs. Did they release them after 21 days? Did you visit them? Did they allow them to be caged together? We are likely moving there in the summer with our two dogs and would appreciate any information that you can share.