Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ho Yue Solus Por Aqua; Taipei, Taiwan; Foot Massage; Recently opened in 2016; Full Body Massage

An Excellent New Massage Spa in Taipei:   Ho Yue Solus Por Aqua

I have traveled the globe and on my travels to feel refreshed and invigorated during my personal and business adventures, I have taken the time to enjoy a good foot or full body massage in many cities and countries such as: USA, Taiwan (Taipei, Tainan, YiLan), China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, and others), Singapore, and many more.  Because many of these businesses provide a good service, there is not so much to talk about in a travel blog.  

But in a recent trip to Taipei on my birthday, I was treated to a very pleasant, relaxing, and invigorating foot massage near Hotel B in Taipei.  The best massage spa I have ever been to at a reasonable price.  Sure, there may be some better places in Taiwan, but their pricing is just too expensive for most travelers! 

Ho Yue Solus Por Aqua is a new business, only opened for less than 6 months and they currently have some very special discounts.   

Main Entrance

Special Pricing for a limited time only

When we arrived, I was not only pleasantly surprised how clean and modern looking the facilities are, but the feng shui and energy in this business was positive and uplifting.

Massage tables in one of the private rooms for full body massage

This business was founded by the CEO, Lin Po Chou (Zac) and his business partners.   Zac is a certified International Chiropractic Therapist from the Taiwan Chiropractic Association and he has hired a superb young staff.   

All of his employees are young, well skilled, pleasant and courteous to their customers.  The staff we met are Zac, Silvia, Jenny, Show Show and Caesar.

Show Show with customer at front desk

Silvia and Zac (owner)

Jenny at front desk

As you enter their spa, the lobby is clean and organized with a shelf of products for sale.  There are stairs going up to the individual room for full body and foot massage.  The room behind the lobby is for guests to wait for their masseuse and those getting foot massages will get their feet washed in this room.  The music they play in their spa is serene meditation music which helps the customers relax and enjoy the massage therapy. The seats in this room are spacious and very comfortable and after the foot wash, the masseuse will also give you a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

Front Lobby with stairs to private rooms

Items for sale in lobby

The seats in the private rooms recline and the massage tables are new and large enough to be comfortable during your massage therapy. All of the foot massage rooms have individual flat screen TV’s to watch if you want.

Main room downstairs for foot cleansing and back massage

Both my Masseuse and my wife’s (Zac) are very skilled.  Silvia is 28 years old, and actually spent a few years in Australia, and I seem to recall she mentioned Brisbane, which is the second largest city in Australia.  Since we like this spa and enjoyed our massages so much, we went back several more times during my stay in Taiwan.  They currently are offering great discounts to all new customers, so make an appointment or just stop by soon before they discontinue their special pricing.

If you like great massages, in a clean energizing atmosphere, then try Ho Yue Solus Por Aqua inTaipei, right next door to “B” Hotel !!!

Ho Yue Solus Por Aqua

No. 369, Section 2
Bade Road, Songshan District
Taipei, Taiwan   ROC

Phone: 02 - 8773 - 6016

Website: www,

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