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Magal Korean BBQ, Daan District Taipei, Taiwan, Skirt Meat, KImchi, Pork Ribs, Beef Ribs, Dukbokki, #1 Korean BBQ.

Magals BBQ: 
A Great Place for Good Friends 
& Great Fun in Taiwan!

We have had the chance to try BBQ restaurants around the world, and when we find a very special restaurant such as Magal Korean BBQ, we just need to tell all of our readers about our wonderful experience.

Magal BBQ, Taipei

Magal Korean BBQ is promoted as the #1 BBQ restaurant chain in the world with more than 500 locations around the world including Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, and more.  We first experienced Magal BBQ at the Daan District location in Taipei, Taiwan.

Magal BBQ, Taipei

A group of us went to this restaurant because we all love good BBQ meals.  We had the fortunate opportunity to meet the owner of the Taipei restaurant, Eline Chiu.

Eline Chiu, (Right)

Eline and her staff delivered us delicious meat, food and excellent service! 

Magal BBQ: 500+ locations around the world
This location is a great place to go with a group of people.  There is a lot of energy and excitement in the restaurant and people go there to eat, drink and have fun. 

Good Time at Magal's BBQ

As we looked at the menu to decide what we were going to eat, we found the Beef and Pork combos on the menu and our group ordered several of each.  We also ordered a lot of individual items from the menu.

Magal BBQ’s specialty is Skirt meat but they offer much more including Pork Belly, Ribs of Beef, Pork and Chicken, Pork Skin, Hot Spice Sea Eel, Korean Beef Tartar (like beef sushi) and more.  They also serve a generous portion of vegetables to grill at your table, and their soups, KImchi, Buckwheat noodles, dukbokki (rice cake), etc. should also be very satisfying for your Korean style appetites.

Pork Combo

The grills at each table were clean and ready to start cooking as soon as the meats arrived.  One of the interesting things about the grill plate at Magal's, is that there is sections around the edge of the grill to cook eggs, corn, and also a place to put your cooked meat so it is not over cooked.  

Egg & Cheese cooking with cooked meat on the right side


Pork Skin..Yummy

Grill with included appetizers

Our group had a FUN experience and enjoyed the food and BBQ cooking right at our table!

Thumbs Up!....We had a great time at Magal's

Jackfy Chan , Award Winning Chef~ Sharing Great Food.

Don’t miss out on a great evening at Magal's Korean BBQ…. Talk to your friends and set up a reservation now!

Magal  Korean BBQ
新麻蒲海鷗, 延吉街13135號, 台北市
No.35, Lane 131, Yanji Street,
Daan District Taipei, Taiwan

And if you are in the Los Angeles, CA area, visit one of their newest locations at:
Magal BBQ
3460 W 8th Street
Los Angeles, California
Call (213) 383-1909

Korea Magal Company Website:

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