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Chang Ju Restaurant; Cantonese Cuisine; Taipei Taiwan; Roast Duck; Taipei 101; World Class Dining Experience!

A Fabulous Cantonese Restaurant with World Class Cuisine & Service near Taipei 101


I was invited to attend a small gathering party of 10 people to experience excellent roast duck in Taipei.  I love roast duck, and have reviewed a few others in my past blogs, but I must say this was simply the best I have ever had in Taiwan.  

Our Host Chef Jackfy Chan and Chef Eason Yang

Chang Ju's signature dish Roast Duck!!!!

Chang Ju is so easy to get to.  Just take the MRT to Taipei Main Station and take Exit No. 3.  As you exit, turn right and take the stairs down to level B1 and you are there.  This restaurant is just a few minutes walk from Taipei 101.

From the moment I walked into this restaurant coming from outside in the rain, I was impressed.  This is a gorgeous, modern, ultra clean restaurant with a very nice ambience and well decorated.  There are impressive wall hangings and paintings everywhere.    

Restaurant Lobby
Servers Station Area

One of several Dining areas

Beautiful Wall Hangings

Our Private Dining Room

We were escorted to a large private room that was also well decorated where we met our friend and host, Jackfy Chen, a famous Cantonese chef that currently is the head chef and Executive Director of the Ming Yue Xuan restaurant in Taichung City, Taiwan.  

Chef Jackfy waiting for more guests to arrive

As the guests started to arrive, we had the opportunity to also meet our chef for the evening, Eason Yang, Operating Officer of the Chang Ju Restaurant.

Also attending including Jackfy’s friend, Chef Huang, an award winning International chef; Kelin, Marketing Consultant; Nina, Famous Blogger; Leo, Information Center Manager; Pinhsin, Successful Business Woman; I-Fang, Artist; plus Ruby and Fen, Co-Owners of a successful food company.

We're all here now
3 Famous Chefs: Guest Chef Huang, Chang Ju's Chef Yang and our Host Chef Chan

Of course we opened a few bottles of special drinks including two well-aged Scottish Whiskies. 
As the many courses began being served to our large round table, I was anxious to taste the food being served.   

The first serving was scrumptious sliced barbecued pork, a signature dish at the restaurant.  What made this dish so special was crispy sweet topping over the pork.  This was followed by a tasty deep fried tofu that melted in your mouth and then a spring roll full of luscious mushrooms and vegetables.


Signature Dish Crispy Roast Pork

Next was a pan/stir fried dish of fish cubes and sliced onions and vegetables.  This fish was very soft and tender.  I loved it.  Also served was a dish of fried shrimp in an XO sauce and cilantro and then stir fried loofah vegetable with clams and mixed mushrooms.

Stir Fry Fish

Fried Shrimp
Stir fried loofah vegetable with clams and mixed mushrooms

Ahh, the chef brought out the roasted duck and presented it to us at the table.  He then took the duck and carved it table side and prepared generous servings of rolled duck pancakes with sauce, green onion and baby sliced cucumber.  Oh My God, this was simply fabulous.  The pancakes were delicate and thin, and the duck had a crispy skin with just a little fat and lots of meat.  So Delicious!!!!

Our chef carving the roast duck
Next was another one of my favorites….. Sweet and Sour fried pork with a generous amount of sliced pineapple, green pepper and onions.  The sweet and sour sauce was so tasty, that I did help myself to several portions of this dish.

Sweet & Sour Pork

We were then pleasantly surprised to see and taste another signature dish of “Selected Beef” rolled and cooked in braided rice leafs with sweet potato and broccoli.  This beef was so deliciously tender and most and went well with a beef sauce served with the dish.

Select Beef......Unique and Gorgeous cooking style and presentation

This beef was so juicy and tender !!!

Adding a little Beef sauce to the meat

One of my favorite Cantonese dishes is steamed cod or “catch of the day”.  This fish was served over a lite soy sauce, garnished with lots of sliced green onions.  This fish was so tender and delightful, that I had to have several helpings of this marvelous tasting fish.

Steamed Fish in Soy Sauce

The final dish before the desserts was a very special noodle soup with meat from our roasted duck.  Everyone so much enjoyed this wonderful soup!

Noodle Soup with meat from our Roast Duck!

For dessert, they first served us hot Red Bean Soup then delicious sweet and creamy steamed buns.  Of course the last course is almost always fresh fruit and we were served watermelon, dragon fruit and guava.

Delicious Red Bean Dessert

Very Tasty Steamed Sweet Buns

What a marvelous culinary feast we had.  We had wonderful dishes, superb tastes Cantonese style, and exciting dishes I have never eaten before.  If you love great Chinese & Cantonese food, this is a must place to eat downtown Taipei!

Thank You Chef Jackfy Chan !!!!!

Bravo Chef Yang !!!!!

Chang Ju Cantonese Restaurant

B1 No. 25 Section 4, Renai Road, Taipei, Taiwan

Phone: 02-2751-6116

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