Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Experience Setting up this blog: gmail and blogger

Several of you asked me about setting up a blog, my host, coding, difficulty, and more.  this blog will be short and to the point and I hope I answer my readers questions.

1.  Even though I am very computer literate, and knowledgeable in computer & electronics technology, I never really followed blogs and knew how to set one up.  so, like most of my readers that asked questions, I was there only a few months ago asking myself....."How do I get started"

2.  I decided to use Google's gmail & blogger as my host.  I was told this is very simple to get started.  first thing you have to do is set up a gmail email account.  If you already have a gmail email account, or just set one up, then near the top of the page is a banner strip with the words:


Click on MORE and then select "blogger"

3.  Before you go to far, I suggest you think of a blog name, and then do many goggle and yahoo searchs.  If you find that there are many exact or very similar responses to your preferred blog name, then I suggest you select a different one, add additional words, etc. until there are not any or many exact matchs.  This way, once your blog is established, it will be easy for people to find you, and your blog readers will grow quickly.

4. Follow the directions that blogger requests, set up a NEW BLOG, enter your name, etc.

5.  There are many templates to pick from and if you go to advanced options, then you can change fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc.

6.  Add gadgets to the side panel, bottom, etc. that will add interest to your blog.

7.  Once you are happy with the look of your blog, then write your first "POST" and  use the tool bar to add images, links, etc.

8. When done with your post, hit "PUBLISH" and you have launched your blog!

Of course, if you run into problems, you can get help from Google/gmail/blogger to answer questions.  I must say, this is not a difficult process, and anyone can set up a general blog in less than an hour.  You can always go back, change templates, backgrounds, font sizes and colors and more. 

Have fun with your blog!

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