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Attention Candy & Sweets Lovers: Taiwan Nougat Museum

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This is my second of eight blogs on Factory tours of the New Taipei City area.  We were escorted on a bus by K. G. L. AD. Media Agency International Company’s associates, Director Kelin Chen, and Account Executive, Ann Li, to the Taiwan Nougat Museum.

Taiwan Nougat Museum Main Entrance

Mr. Yi-Jung Chiu & daughter Doris

  Doris, Yi-Jung and Kelin

Not sure what to expect on this visit, I was certainly surprised, and overwhelmed by the colorful facility filled with candy, goodies, many old Chinese antiques, and walls filled with pictures of this company’s rich history in Taiwan.

In 1956, the Salico Foods founder Ms. Peng Yu Ho Chiu , introduced the Nougat candy from Hong Kong and launched the “Daheisong Nougat” on Bo Ai Road.  Later, her son, Yi-Jung Chiu and his wife, Tsui-Na Tseng, introduced the Salico Wedding and ceremonial biscuits.  The family then decided to merge the two products into one company in about1985.

The Presentation Begins

We were quickly greeted by Doris Chiu with a beautiful green parrot perched on her shoulder.

Doris Chiu

She and her associate promptly asked us to be seated, and they started the presentation by introducing her father, Mr. Yi-Jung Chiu.  He too had another beautiful green parrot perched on his shoulder.  


Mr. Yi-Jung Chiu

Mr. Chiu gave us a presentation on his company and explained his rich family heritage involved in his company.  He gave us great credit to his hard working mother and family for his success today.  

Ms. Peng Yu Ho Chiu

The Chiu Family

We then had a short play” about  how hard work and study can make great success in the future.   There was a small quiz afterwards with small presents, and I was fortunate to receive one of these good fortune gifts.


As the tour begins, Mr. chiu joined us and talked to us along the way.

 Mr. Chiu with fellow tour guest Mao-Rong Lin

The factory tour was simply fascinating.  Everywhere you turned there was color, antiques, pictures of the Chiu family, pictures of the candy and wedding biscuit products, and more.  

In one large room, they actually showed how the nougat candy was made more than 50 years ago.  Close by they even have a Koi fish pond in doors. 

One thing I did notice was that they have taken great pride from the very beginning to package the Wedding and Engagement biscuits in the most beautiful looking packages, unlike almost any candy or baked goods product you could ever find in the USA.

In one area, I actually notice a “clean air” shower, and I was told by Mr. Chiu that they strive to maintain a class 10,000 clean environment (10,000 contamination particle of a certain size [such as 5.0 microns] per cubic meter).   To achieve this, all employees entering the production areas, must wear “fresh & clean” hoods, masks, gowns, booties and gloves.  They then move into the secured air shower room that “blows” air from floor to ceiling to remove extra particles on the employees.  These particles are evacuated through high filtration (typically HEPA filters) to remove the particles from recirculating in the environment.   The employee can then enter the production area to produce their products.

Clean Air Shower

Our Group on tour in the Production Area
Ready to Box for Shipment

More ready to package

 Wedding Cakes ready for packaging too!

Final Packaging and Ready to ship to a store near YOU!

One are of the tour showed examples of how they put special markings on the wedding and ceremonial cakes and biscuits.  They actually hand carve the patters in a wood “ladle” mold and then press the cake or biscuit into the cavity prior to cooking.  These molds are real artistry from my perspective!


 Yummy!  The finished Cake ready to be packaged

The last stop was the DIY area which had a special meeting room attached which was lavish and quite fascinating.  I also had a chance to taste Mr. Chiu’s personal 2 year old Brandy which he makes himself….  a delightful surprise to a fascinating tour of this company for this whiskey and wine loving blogger!


At the end of the lengthy tour, we went back to the main museum room where we had the presentation, and the Taiwan Nougat Museum Staff offered us samples of various products including cakes and their nougat candies.  There are candy and cake products everywhere you look.  so many tempting products to choose from!

So Many goodies to choose from!

My favorite of all the Nougats I tried is definitely the “King Luca Nougat Candy”.  This product is sweet, crunchy with plenty of nuts and great taste.  Some of the other nougats are the more traditional “chewy” candies.  Looking around this room, there seems to be hundreds of various candy and biscuit products to tempt tome most discriminating “sweet tooth” visitor. 

  My Favorite "King Luca" (4th package from far left to right)

As we started our departure, Mr Chiu and his daughter walked us out to the bus with their green parrots perched on their shoulders as they said goodbye to us all.

This is definitely  a tour that is well worth the time!  The sad part, I should have bought more King Luca Nougat candies because the gab I bought is almost gone.  I guess I need to find my way back to buy more!

For more information, or to visit the Taiwan Nougat Museum here are the details:

Taiwan Nougat Museum

Address: No.31-2, Ziqiang St., Tucheng District, 
New Taipei City, 236, Taiwan (ROC)

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